Chicago Dialogues Episode 5: “Polarization and Pandemic”

The University of Chicago Center in Delhi and presents Chicago Dialogues Episode 5: “Polarization and Pandemic” 2020, the year of the pandemic, has also been a watershed for American politics. The high drama of the US Presidential Election, and its equally eventful aftermath, have raised serious doubts about the level of polarization within the populace, the powers of the President, and the robustness of the American democratic setup. To gain fresh insights on all these questions - and more - please join us for an engrossing discussion with Prof. John Mark Hansen, the Charles L. Hutchinson Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago, in conversation with Avik Chanda. 23rd January 2021, Saturday, 8-9 PM (IST) 8.30-9.30 AM Central Time (Chicago) Live on Facebook and Youtube from UChicagodelhi and Prohor Disclaimer: This is not intended to hurt the sentiments or feelings of any person, political party, nation or community. It does not deal with any specific facts or discussions regarding any country’s elections or speculation about the same. The discussion will be of a generic nature focusing on the pandemic and polarisation. The photographs/footage used are merely to evoke the context and not to delve into it.

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