Being Well and Well-Being || Episode 2

Being Well and Well-Being || Episode 2 "Indian Hospitality Sector - Managing Stress, in Pandemic Times" David Foskett, MBE, Professor, University of West London, Member, Academy of Culinary Arts And Dr. Suborno Bose, Chairman, IIHM & Indismart Group Worldwide, CEO, International Hospitality Council In Conversation with Avik Chanda Sunday, 24 January 2021, 8-9 PM, IST This episode turns the lens to the hospitality sector, which has been among the worst affected by the pandemic. The discussion will focus on a sectoral review of 2020, and outlook for 2021; the key challenges for hospitality sector employees, e.g. stress, burnout, anxiety and depression; and ways and means of addressing these challenges, to effect a positive impact to professionals working in this sector.

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