Chicago Dialogues || Episode 8

Chicago Dialogues || Episode 8
Wendy Doniger in Bengal: Letters from 1963
In 1963, when she was 22 years old, Wendy Doniger lived in India, mostly in Shantiniketan and Calcutta, for the first time. She wrote frequent long letters to her parents, forgotten until she rediscovered them in 2018. These letters reveal a supremely gifted intellect, an insatiably curious spirit, a passionate love of Indian architecture and music and literature, and a fascinating and charming cast of characters whom Doniger met.
Join us for the much-awaited Episode #8 of 'Chicago Dialogues', as Gary Tubb and Avik Chanda discuss this treasure trove with Wendy Doniger, to discover what she left out as well as the stories behind what she put in.

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