"A New Mind For Hard Times" - Candid Talk Episode 6

We live in times mired in bad news and negativity. The unabated COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our economy, ruptured our social mores, created an ambience of constant fear and pessimism, and called into question the very purpose of the human condition. In these circumstances, we are especially privileged to have as our guest - Dr. Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University. One of the world's most widely-read and influential authorities on Positive Psychology and Mindfulness, Prof. Langer will elucidate how a positive approach of Mindful Optimism can be adopted, to transition from survival and coping - to success - in the present crisis. Prohor.in, in association with NUVAH ELINT LLP, is proud to present Candid Talk Episode - 6 "A New Mind For Hard Times" Professor Ellen Langer in Conversation with Avik Chanda

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