Being Well and Well-Being || Episode 3

Barun Chanda, veteran actor, author, advertising personality Ramanjit Kaur, theatre director, actor, educationist and Vinay Sharma, veteran theatre actor, director, playwright In Conversation with Avik Chanda Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 8-9 PM, IST The entertainment industry has been badly hit by the Coronavirus. Its effects have been nothing less than traumatic - impacting people physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially. How have professionals in the sector cope with the uncertainty and negativity all around? How important is it for them, to retain hope and optimism, in the face of such adversity? To build reserves of resilience and optimism, in the light of what will evidently be a long and arduous road to recovery? To know more, join us for our Republic Day Special - a high-octane discussion with three stalwarts from entertainment and performing arts.

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